Digital Downloads

Digital downloads are now available direct through my site for four albums. And you’re going to save some money buying them here.

Only full albums are available. Any applicable sales tax are calculated in the final price.

The pricing works like this:

Pricing: Any 1 for $10 - Any 2 for $17.50 - Any 3 for $20 - All 4 for $24

After you’ve paid, you will get a receipt from PayPal. Reply or email me at and let me know which recording(s) you want. I will email you back a link for the downloads.

 You don't need a PayPal account to purchase here. Simply have your credit card ready.





BUY 1 @ $10

BUY 2 @ $17.50

BUY 3 @ $20

BUY 4 @ $24